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1.19.2 /lastseen command!
about 1 year ago

Thank you to rGamer for the suggestion.

1.19.1 Mob Cap Changes
over 2 years ago

With this update we've made the current changes:

You can see a full list of the mob cap on the following link.

List of 1.19.1 Banned Words Minecraft
over 2 years ago

Microsoft has been deleting posts and censoring the community.

We will not accept it. You want to freely see the list of banned words?

Right here:

1488 8=D A55hole abortion ahole AIDS AIDs ainujin ainuzin akimekura Anal anus anuses Anushead anuslick anuss aokan Arsch Arschloch arse arsed arsehole arseholed arseholes arseholing arselicker arses Ass asshat asshole assholed assholes assholing asslick asslicker asses Auschwitz b00bs b00bz b1tc Baise bakachon bakatyon Ballsack Ballzack BAMF Bastard Beaner Beeatch beeeyotch beefwhistle beeotch Beetch beeyotch Bellend bestiality beyitch beyotch Biach bin laden binladen biotch bitch bitches Bitching blad bladt blowjob blow job blowme blow me blyad blyadt bon3r boner bo...

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