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Squid Farms

Nimlen Nimlen: about 1 year ago
Currently you can only directly obtain black dye through a wither rose farm or a squid farm. However, obtaining black dye through a squid farm is painful as squids spawn very rarely and it takes a lot of time to get even a little ink. I would love to see a change that allows squids to spawn more frequently if that is possible! Not to an extend like in a single player world but just a little bit faster.


AluminiumFox AluminiumFox: about 1 year ago
I have the same problem. Maybe reducing glow squid spawns, and increasing normal squids. That would be cool
DerVillion DerVillion: about 1 year ago
This is being currently looked at.
The information we can give is that Glow Squids and Squids have the exact same spawn rates.
I need more information about the actual farm. We will be testing on the Dev Server, message me on Discord so we can do further testing
Nimlen Nimlen: about 1 year ago
I used this design:

Its a farm build in a river biome with water collums that are one block apart in which the squids spawn in. When they leave the water collum they've spawned in they fall a certain distance as the water collums are stopped at the bottom with open fence gates or signs and then the squids die due to fall damage. Afterwards, a collection system (hoppers or hopper minecarts [minecarts produce less lag]) picks up the ink and stores it in chests.
Ludwisch Ludwisch: about 1 year ago
I use the same design and can't get it to work either. It would really be great if that could be fixed somehow! e.g. increasing the squid spawn rate.
DerVillion DerVillion: about 1 year ago
Changes have been made to squid spawning. I've asked on discord for further feedback.
Thank you ^^