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Sand Duper/Allow Headless Piston

SpaceMan3236 SpaceMan3236: 20 days ago
So Hi first of all,
I would like to suggest enabeling "Allow Headless Pistons" in the paper-configs. It is a Vanilla bug/feature and DerVillion said he wanted to keep the Server as Vanilla as possible. Thats why I think it should be kept enabled. If there is problems occuring because of End Portals getting fully destroyed or similar we could always revert to current state.
Ty for reading this shit-long text.



SpaceMan3236 SpaceMan3236: 20 days ago
My bad guyz seems like Headless piston not the same as sand duping. Brain no worked. I mean sand suping only ofc***
AluminiumFox AluminiumFox: 9 days ago
It could be cool with headless pistons allowed.
AluminiumFox AluminiumFox: 9 days ago
More sand --> more crystals --> more pvp at spawn (hopefully)
SpaceMan3236 SpaceMan3236: 3 days ago
I'd say the lack of Ghast tears is the reason for that...
DerVillion DerVillion: 1 day ago
Headless Pistons are enabled for now.
Sand duping will be taken into consideration for "Legal Dupes"