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Restricted game mode on the test server please dervillion

_Kingpin _Kingpin: about 1 year ago
The test server is dead. Right now, there is no practical use of it and is a waste of money and resources to keep running therefore, the genius masterminds at BDC incorporated thought it would be a good idea to implant a plug-in to allow for restricted game mode on the server. I mean "Restricted game mode" by having a executable command in game (like /msg) and the creative has the game mode inventory. You will not have any game mode like features like god mode but purely used for the fact that, any resource/block you need or want is there. The server is currently not used as people (including myself) cannot be bothered to actually play the game just to get the stuff to test, a farm, a glitch or even config so why not just make it so anyone can get whatever they wanted whenever. If the increased use of the server leads to any issues -mostly financial such as if the server becomes so big/expensive you cannot host it - you could only host/open the server for a week every month or so or only open it to donors (plz dont do this). cope and plz do this popzlzplzplzpzl.
Thank you for reading my essay - Brought to you by BDC incorporated.


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