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Allow ChunkLoaders (only under certain conditions)

SpaceMan3236 SpaceMan3236: about 1 year ago
For me as a very technical player it is kinda frustrating that I have to use 2 accounts to afk something like a obsidian farm or a guardian farm.

My suggestion would be to allow one ChunkLoader running in e.g a 50000 block radius. This way people could afk farms while not needing 2 accounts. When you e.g. want to use another farm you could just switch off one chunkloader and switch the other one on.

I'd really apprecheate you to consider allowing this feature and would also like to add, that when (or rather If) player counts rise and this feature would cause lag, it could be further limited (only one loader per 100k block raduis) or disabled entirely.


DerVillion DerVillion: about 1 year ago
This is fully out of the question for the following reasons:
- i understand the intent, but they can also be used for mischievous reasons.
- any bases near 50k of each other would know there's someone around.
- anarchy has always required multiple accounts for chunkloaders

Thank you for understanding 👍