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ForceAFK thingy suggestion

TurquoiseDress TurquoiseDress: 3 months ago
Make a /forceafk or something like that after which you appear as AFK up until you use the chat or type it again

for when afk farming and stuff


DerVillion DerVillion: 3 months ago
Can you clarify why this is a necessity?
Cant you just not move?
There are hacks and certain modules that would even negate this. Since AFK is cancelled on movement.
TurquoiseDress TurquoiseDress: 3 months ago
Some farms require kill aura, and using baritone (like going to a base) is also not staying in place. I think it could be useful to let others know you're definetly AFK.
I don't imagine it being hard to make.
DerVillion DerVillion: 2 months ago
Has been implemented to all users