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Allow votes to be counted within 24 hours

adstator adstator: 4 months ago
I'm getting sometimes when i vote ....

"You have already voted in the last 24 hours. Please wait to vote again."

well... the voting site accepted it, I'm not going to be able to vote again today .... but it did count on their site


DerVillion DerVillion: 4 months ago
Some websites accept 12h votes, some accept 16h.
Most are 24h. Some are even "timezone day".
If you figure out the listing, feel free to vote everywhere to gather more IVP. Although, we are not changing the 24h vote recommendation
adstator adstator: 4 months ago
ahh, you you're saying the IAP is counted even when that message is stated., the wording and color made me think it wasn't counted.

you re-enabled the voting addon approx on 7/15 that's about 14 days ago, 6 vote sites that would be 84 points,
right now I only have 75, which includes whatever i had before ...... ...... the issue i'm seeing is it may be voting too fast between the sites >.>
DerVillion DerVillion: 2 months ago
This has been further discussed on Discord and fixed ^^