Invincible Anarchy

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List and description of our current plugins:

MoTDChanger - For a better cleaner MOTD
CraftingStore - Connection to our webstore
InvincibleDrops - Control the mob drops to our liking (currently disabled)
DiscordSRV - Connection with chat to discord
DupeRestorer - The plugin that allows our Legal Dupes to work
EpicGuard - Bot + Proxy Protection
FAWE - Used as a requirement for some of their Async features (and our Chunk Culler)
IAAntiCheat - Our AntiCheat configs
IAChunks - Custom chunk culling system
IACore - Utilized to handle chat colors and our teaks, like our TAB, BedTP and other nice features we all enjoy
IALib - Library of functions for IACore
IAVoting - Our Voting store for points
LoneLibs - Library of functions for ServerBooster
LuckPerms - Handle of permissions per groups
NamelessStore - Connection to our website/forums
nuVotifier - Voting listener
PlaceHolderAPI - placeholders to display information
Plan - PlayerStats and Analytics for our backend
PlugMan - Plugin management tool
ProtocolLib - General function lib
RedstoneDetector - Custom made redstone detector and information log
ServerBooster - Mob and Entity Culling
Spark - Server information for backend
Vault - Economy Manager for IA Vote Points